Until the Ninth Day, Indonesian Apparatus Bullets Still Embedded in Victim’s Body


JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com- Delian Pekei (20) a victim who was shot by the Indonesian apparatus in Oneibo village, Deiyai  Papua on August 1, 2017, until now in the ninth day, has not yet performed surgery to remove bullets that still embedded inside his body.

Doctor Donald Aronggear said that his team was unable to perform a quick treatment because the blood flow in the victim body has not been normal yet. Beside that, the victim still needed a blood transfusion.

“We can’t take an action to remove the bullets from his body as long as the patience still need a blood transfusion. Mr. Delian Pekei’s blood is still unstable and still flowing. Therefore, another treatments are still needed until the blood turns normal, then the surgery to remove the bullets from his body can be performed.” Said Doctor Aronggear in Dok II Hospital, Jayapura when visited by some members of People’s Representative Council (DPR) Papua. Wednesday (9/8/2017)

Doctor Aronggerar said, his team could have done surgery. But that couldn’t be done, given the blood flow’s condition and blood availability in his body is dubious.

“We are not sure about his chance of we are forced to do surgery now. So we have to wait until the blood inside is body turn normal.” Said Laurenzus Kadepa imitating Dr.Aronggear’s statement.

Meanwhile, member of Commision 1 DPR, Laurenzus Kadepa -after visited two victim who have been treated in Dok II Hospital said, the two victims named Delian Pekey (20) suffered a broken legs caused by gunshot from  Indonesian apparatus and Yohanes Pakage (21) suffered a injuries in his thigh and leg due the gunshot- still being treated in Dok II Hospital.

“We are members of the DPRP, Nason Utty, Secretary of Commission V division of health, Deki Nawipa, legislator of Dapil III Meegapo, and Laurenzus Kadepa, member of Commission 1 DPR Papua, has been guided by Dr. Donald Aronggear, who is a senior and the best doctor in Papua. We say, please handle him well, for the shooting in Deiya on August 1, 2017, enough for one life taken away shot by Mobile Brigade (Brimob), do not add more life. Hope the injured victims don’t have to pass away.” He said after visiting RS II Hospital.

Kadepa invites all layers of society to pray for the medical team which currently handling the two patients – so all the process can run well and smoothly.

“Let’s pray for the medics and doctors who are dealing with patients,” Kadepa said. (RC-AB/SP)