Regent Abock will Summon Teachers in Dekai


YAHUKIMO, Regent of Yahukimo, Abock Busup – said he will summon all teachers in Dekai because all school ranging from elementary to high school do not carry out routine flag ceremonies at their respective school.

“We will call all the teachers here and find out the problems which make them do not carry out flag ceremony. We will also ask about Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) that hasn’t been done well in the past two weeks. We will call and have a meeting. We will also have a meeting with related institution regarding this matter, with head of Education Board too.” He said.

He said, his side will investigate where the problem is. It is important to know the causes and problems that exist in the school.

“If it’s just a matter of salary, it is inappropriate to stop teaching. Schools should to keep going, “Abock said.

According to Abock, if the teachers don’t teach it means they are lazy. And the laziness to teach will have an effect to development of education and knowledge of students in school.

“I visited their respective posts, the teachers were not there. I went to Endomen, there were no teacher, then I went to Wanma, Angguruk and Welput. There were no teachers as well. Therefore I would like to investigate and follow this matter up. So that the schools can go back doing teaching and learning activities.” He concluded. (RC-AB/SP)