100 People Were Arrested in Action to Reject The New York Agreement


SEMARANG, SUARAPAPUA.Com – A total of 100 people were arrested by the Indonesian National Police (Polri) when Papua Student Alliance (AMP) and  People’s Front of Indonesia for West Papua (FRRI West Papua) conducted peaceful demonstrations in several cities in Java. The action was done as a protest and rejection to New York Agreement which has been signed on August 15, 1962 that speaks about the fate and the future of the land and the people of Papua.

The action’s attributes such banners and posters were forcibly seized, the demonstrators were beaten and injured due the kicking. Police also let the reactionary mass organization (Ormas) take a part to reject the action by blocking this demonstration which were organized by AMP and FRI West Papua.

Some of the cities took part this action are Semarang, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Malang. No half-hearted, as many as 100 people were arrested. Among them were journalists and human rights defenders at the Legal Aid Institute (LBH).

In Semarang, 47 people consisting of AMP, Liberation and SeBumi did demonstration in Pahlawan Street, in front of Diponegoro University in Simpang Lima, Semarang. Suarapapua.com’s watching, demonstrators were blocked by polices. Behind the police, there was an Ormas ready to block the demonstrators as well. Ormas was seen wearing attribute with two Indonesian flags. There was Ormas seen with attribute consisting of two Indonesian flags. Police alerted three police trucks, three police cars and one sabhara at the scene. Police had prepared three police trucks, three police mobile and one Sabhara in the place where the demonstration were taken.

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The police then attempted to arrest Januarius Adii, the coordinator who led the demonstrators. They pulled his dread so hard that he still in pain after the next four hours. One was injured in the moshing incident.

The demonstrators consisted of  47 people were arrested. The police withdrew banners containing public demands and 17 other posters brought by demonstrators. They were taken to the Semarang Porlestabes office. There, Januarius Adii  was interrogated from 10:30 to 16:30 pm.

They who were arrested in Semarang: Jackson Gwijangge, Frans Yelemaken, Deva Yelemaken, Alfrida Kedeikoto, Mey Tebay, Theo Hisage, M.Kano (SeBumi), Saverius, Alex Duwitau, Bonni M, Yuli Gobay, Ney Sobolim, Deserius Dogomo, Lina Butu,Novela Wetipo, Danny Nawipa, Petu Tebai, Penthol (PPRI), Elizabeth Magai, Yohanes Tigi, Januarius Tibakoto, Yohanes Dogomo, Markus Butu, Bastian Tebai (wartawan SP), Ferry Tibakoto, Deky Pagawak, Gamson Alom, Aperinus Waker, Gasper Alom, Ontas Aud, Fincen Matuan, Dimes A, Nianus, Paulus Wuka, Ayon Widigipa, Stefanus Iyai, Tenus Tsenawatme, Zan Magai, Melianus Tabuni, Tamin Murib, Sigintak Wasiangge, Apoel Maloa (SeBumi), Frengky Yelipele, Bernardo Boma, Januarius Adi, Nicho (LBH)  and  Rizky (LBH).

In Yogyakarta, some Ormases are back uniting with Polri. They have been guarding with two police mobiles, three trucks, 10 trail motorbikes, and one water cannon.

The demonstrators were sieged as the action was about to begin. Police and Ormas beat back the protesters, seized their attributes as banners and posters then arrested 29 of them.

Those who were arrested in Yogyakarta; Rico Tude, Gabriel Hegemur, Semi Yobe, Aris Wanibo, Aris Yeimo, Andreas Yeimo (AMP), Abbi Douw, Zayur Bingga, Ferri Edowai, Elia Mote, Sael Makituma, Fabianus Pigome, Musa Pekei, Naomi Buyu, Adriana Yogi, Bertha Haluk, Marlen (PDM), Opik (PMD), Syarul (PMD), Fitri Lestari (Pembebasan), Deven (Pembebasan), Is (Pembebasan), Randi (Pembebasan), Taufan (solidaritas), Ardan (solidaritas), Riden (solidaritas), Adli (Pembebasan), Erwin (solidaritas) and Napi.

They were released on 17.30 WIB

In Jakarta, clashes occurred between the protesters vs police and Ormas. Reportedly, there were four who were seriously injured, including Adam (FRI WP), Frans Nawipa, Jhon Gobay and Rudhi Amir (FRI WP).

They who were arrested in Jakarta; Jhems Nawipa, Jhon Gobay, Erepul Sama, Alber Mungguar, Surya Anta, Siwa, Agus, Rais, Apax, Erna, Adam, Edi, Alex, Peyon, Andi, Rulans, Olen, Dean, Rudhi, Rahman, Sam, Smit, Rifai, dan Ucok Siagian (journalist).

In Malang, the joint action of AMP and FRI West Papua was blockedby three Ormases which are Pemuda Pancasila, Forum Komunikasi Putra-putri Purnawirawan TNI-POLRI, and Barisan Anshor Serbaguna Nahdatul Ulama (Banser) .

Police stand in between them. But according to coordinator of AMP Malang who were contacted by suarapapua.com, the Ormases were supported by police. The aim was to repel the demonstrators and to ban freedom of expression from the mass of action.

One was injured in the riotous action in Malang. He is Isaiah Ukago, suffering a wound in his left temple.

In Bandung, the joint action between AMP and FRI West Papua was blocked by police and Ormas. Meanwhile in Surabaya, AMP along with FRI West Papua, held a press conference because the action in the streets is no longer possible, due to blockade.

Meanwhile, in Ternate, solidarity action to supports the right of self-determination for the nation of Papua was also held today.

In a release received by suarapapua.com, 15 August is considered as the day where all parties who wants the rich land of Papua- who cut the rights of the Papuans as owner, a subject who must be involved- should be the important party in all matters concerning Papua.

The New York Agreement of 15 August 1962 was rejected because first, it did not involve the Papuan as a legal subject: the legitimate owner of Papua homeland. Because both the Netherlands and Indonesia are colonial in the homeland of Papua. Second, since the Papuan have never been involved, the agreement and its results do not bind Papuans. And based on that, therefore both Pepera to Indonesian occupation of the Papuan homeland today are illegal.

The New York Agreement is also considered as congress harassing Papuan human dignity that should be respected. Therefore, protesters demand the right to self-determination as the only democratic solution for the Papuan. (CR-BT/SP)