27 Schools Joined Operator Technical Guidance of Basic Education Data for SMAK


JAKARTA, SUARAPAPUA.com – Total of 27 schools participated in the operator technical guidance of Basic Education Data (Data Pokok Pendidikan/Dapodik) for Catholic Senior High School (SMAK) or abbreviated as : Bimtek Operator Dapodik SMAK – held by Ministry of Religious Affair of Republic of Indonesia in particular Catholic Directorate General of Community Guidance (Dirjen Bimas) curriculum division of primary and secondary school, which was held for four days 4-7 / 9/2017), at Merlynn Park Hotel, Jakarta.

Daniel Mangu, chairman of the committee of Bimtek Operator Dapodik SMAK, said, along with the increasing number of SMAK and the students, it is necessary to do an arrangement effort through data collecting system.

“We have coordinated with Ministry Education and Culture as education sector including about Dapodik.” Said Daniel in his speech.

Admittedly, the application of Dapodik  of the Ministry of Education and Culture is well organized through a highly sophisticated Dapodik system or app.

“This system or app which we hope to be used in data collecting efforts for SMAK in the scope of Director General of Bimas Catholic” he explained in the event entitled “Towards SMAK governance in order, professional, transparent and actual”.

Continued Daniel, right now the Dapodik app can be accessed from Ministry of Education and Culture and then will be signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education Ministry of Education and Culture with the Director General of Bimas Catholic Ministry of Religion related to up-load Dapodik app by SMAK throughout Indonesia which is under the guidance of the Director General of Bimas Catholic.

“The use of Dapodik app can run well, so it is necessary to prepare a skilled human resources in operating Dapodik app. And for that purpose also this technical guidance activity being held, “said Daniel.

The Director General of the Bimas Catholic in his written speech read by the Head of Finance, Albertus Triyatmojo, said that education is a building foundation of a society and nation, therefore we as member of the church and citizens should take the statement. We recognize the term of faith education and character education.

“Education is the building foundation for a society and nation and we a member of church and citizen should take an important role in education and character education,” said Albertus.

In addition, he also emphasized that education starts from the family. (RS-SP)