KPA and RSUD Karubaga Socializing HIV/AIDS in Kubu District


KARUBAGA, – AIDS Control Commission (KPA) of Tolikara District alongside with Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) team mobile from RSUD Karubaga, held a socialization on the danger of HIV/AIDS, Sunday (3/9/2017) in Kubu District, Tolikara. The activity was held in a joint worship of the Kubu Council of Classis Konda.

Counseling and socialization was guided by Dr. Irma translated by secretary of KPA Tolikara, Ariantho Kogoya -in her material elaborating about HIV / AIDS, including causes, prevention, to routine treatment. The explanation was held in two languages, Bahasa Indonesia and Lanny language, so that the participants will understand well.

Dr. Irma said, the socialization is very important, that is why her team with KPA came to Kubu District- so that people would understand and know how to prevent the transmission of the disease.

“This disease is not the end of our life, but how we cope so we don’t have to expose. For sure, this disease can hit everybody, young or adult, that’s why we must stay vigilant.” She added.

From the existing data, she said, in Tolikara District many HIV cases triggered by changing partners.

“Message to all of us to stay with one partner to the death. For young people who hasn’t had a partner, should do that after marriage.” She said

Meanwhile, Samuel Kogoya, the daily head of the KPA Tolikara, represented by his secretary, Ariantho Kogoya, said his team will coordinate with the church to conduct a joint service of four churches at the Kubu Council aiming together with KPA and the VCT team provide a counseling and socialization about the dangers of HIV disease.

In addition to counseling and socialization, his team also provided a general treatment and HIV testing for the productive age range from Junior High School (SMP) to 50 years old

“Our manpower is two doctors named Dr. Irma and Dr. Arika. We bring nurses, midwives, analysts, all 12 people, including us from KPA there are 5 people who do the service now”, explained Kogoya

He added, the service in Kubu District has been done for the sixth time, previously the socialization had been done in District Nabugane- Wokuwo, Kai, Karubaga, Wenam, and Nelawi district.

There are actually plans for the same activities in the districts of Wondame, Panaga and Kembu. However, he said, it is still constrained by the budget.

“Down from Kembu to Taive we must transport by plane, whereas our budget is not enough for plane. So, indeed we are facing obstacles, ” He said while hoping the local government (Pemda) of Tolikara to help KPA so that next year or next month can do service to those districts.

With these services, he added, people need an education and attention by go down directly to them to do socialization. “We teach them a healthy way of life that alone is just incredible, it makes them know. Actually the Papuan are living healthy life already, we don’t have to bring and put up a luxurious hospital, just teach them healthy lifestyle is enough.” He said.

The fact is this deadly virus is very dangerous and had killed thousand people. Therefore, his side has great responsibility as Tolikara’s native to disseminate the information so that there is awareness to prevent the spread of HIV.

“If we stay silent, our people will be the victims,” ​​said Arintho.

He added, people in Tolikara in general have a good understanding that if affected by HIV and AIDS, they definitely be dead. “But how one can be exposed and how to prevent, they completely do not know. Facts from field reveal the same thing, and we knew that when visiting some districts,” He said.

To provide an understanding of how to prevent it, his team will continue to travel throughout Tolikara District. “Our target, all society must understand how to prevent it,” said Kogoya. (RS-NY/SP)