The Council of Churches in Pacific Once Again, Stated Their Support for Self-Determination Right  of West Papuan


JAYAPURA, — The Churches in Pacific again expressed their solidarity commitment to support the right for self-determination of West Papuan and fully support West Papua to be put on the UN’s decolonization list.

The commitment was conveyed by the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) representing 30 churches member and 9 National Church Councils after the 11th PCC General Session held from October 26th to November 1st 2018 at Mangere Auckland, Aotearia – New Zealand.

“We reflect on the theme,’ Singing the Lord’s Grace in a Strange Land’, from Psalm 137: 4. We also heard the cries of our struggling community to sings God’s song as a song of freedom and justice in their own land.

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Thus, we reaffirm our commitment to the struggle for self-determination of our brothers and sisters in Tanah Papua and express our strong support for inclusion of West Papua in the UN list for Decolonization,” PCC wrote in the press release sent to on Saturday (24 / 11/2018).

PCC also represents 30 churches member and 9 National Church Councils, calling on the churches in the Pacific to make a time on second week of December 2018 as remembrance day for brothers and sisters in West Papua through liturgy and prayers.


“We call on the churches in the Pacific to dress in red and black on Wednesdays as support for freedom in West Papua,”.

We also call on Indonesia to immediately stop blatant ignorance of indigenous West Papuans who are clearly in situations of human rights violations. Especially the ongoing acts of human rights violations and subsequent attempts to manipulate the Papuan by forced migration to Papua. “

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PCC also calls for an end exploitation of indigenous land in West Papua and provides greater education and employment opportunities for the indigenous population.”

In addition, it also reaffirmed its nearly half-century support to the PCC member church, Maohi Nui (French Polynesian-Tahiti) Church about environmental problems caused by humans, social and economic degradation in the Maohi Nui region as a result of French nuclear testing programme.

“We reaffirmed the 2011 resolution of the Pacific Church Leaders which supported the re-inscription of the Maohi Nui area in the list of non-autonomous regions at the United Nations. We call on the UN Human Council special rapporteur to carry out a fact-finding mission in the Maohi Nui region which was made at the Fourth Committee of the United Nations Assembly on Political Decolonization this year

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We also reaffirm our full support for the ongoing claims by the Protestant Maohi Church to the UN Human Rights Council, regarding human rights violations committed against the people of Maohi Nui that has been going over a thirty-year period during the French nuclear test on Atol Morurura and Fangataufa at Maohi Nui. (SP-RC)

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