EnglishA High School Student in Paniai Found Dead

A High School Student in Paniai Found Dead

PANIAI, SUARAPAPUA.com — A Paniai young man, a second year high school student, aged 17 years, On Wednesday (9/25/2019), at around 6:00 Eastern Indonesia Time, was found dead in Ugabado, Ekeitadi village, Enarotali.

The victim is known to have the initials AM.

From the testimony of the people who found the body for the first time, who did not want the name to be mentioned, to suarapapua.com admitted that when the victim was found, pants and clothes worn were torn and there were blood spots.

The condition of his body, the source mention, behind the victim’s head there was a deep hole. Blood out from the ear and face swollen.

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He continued again, shortly after, the Police from Paniai Police Station, Madi, came and brought the victim’s body to Madi Hospital for an autopsy.

The body of victim was found firstly. (Supplied)

Paniai Police Intelligence Chief, Jhon Itlay, when confirmed by suarapapua.com, explained, based on the autopsy results, he suspected there were two possibilities that resulted in the death toll. First, a single accident and second, because it was accidentally nudged by an unknown person.

“From the results of the doctor’s autopsy, we (the police) thought it was like the victim died himself after crashing into something using a motorcycle. Then the second, it could be that he was accidentally nudged by someone using a car. That was it, none of others,” he answered on his cellphone on Thursday (9/26/2019).

When asked whether the victim died in a state of consumption of alcohol, Jhon said, no.

“The victim’s body does not smell of alcohol. So we assured he died in a very conscious state.”

But the police statement was denied by the victim’s family. Petrus Mote, the victim’s father, said his son died not because of he was crashing or crashed but was killed.

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“What the police said is very untrue, that is nonsense! My son was purely killed. If he was crashed why in the head there is a hole [while showing], how is that? At the place where my son was found there were no fragments and iron, also blood. The police do not talk carelessly. He was killed in another place and then dumped another place. That was it and true,” he said when met suarapapua.com, this morning, Friday (9/27/2019), in Enarotali.

The incident, he said, he and his family surrendered to God.

“The police say like that, because they do not want to handle this case. So we will surrender to God, so that God will retaliate according to the actions of the person who killed,” he answered, when asked his hopes to the police in handling the case.

Reporter: Stevanus Yogi
Editor: Arnold Belau


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