TPNPB Reveals Reasons for Shooting Three Civilians in Ilaga


JAYAPURA, — Hendrik Uwamang, Commander of Operations for the Liberation Army of West Papua (TPNPB) Kodap III of Timika stated that the TPNPB who carried out the shooting which killed two motorcycle-taxi drivers in the northern Ilaga district and a civilian near Ilaga airport.

Uwamang revealed reasons of his side for shot dead three civilians in Ilaga, Highland, Papua.

He explained that, since the beginning of August 2019 the TPNPB stated that Ilaga was not an area for fighting with Indonesia’s Military and Police (TNI and POLRI).

That, he said, because TPNPB had decided that the area for fighting with the Indonesia’s army was Nduga and Timika, the Freeport area from Portsite to Grasberg.

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Uwamang, to from Ilaga, on Monday (3/9/2019), explained the reasons why TPNPB carried out the shooting which killed three civilians.

First, the Indonesia’s military and police shot dead a schoolboy named Yul Magai, at the end of August in Tegelobak village. The shooting happened when the Indonesia’s army conducted a sweep in order to pursue the TPNPB who was in the village.

Second, he said, the shooting was carried out again by Indonesia’s military and police in Olenki village and killed three people. One student, one baby and one adult working in the Regency Civil Service Police Unit of Puncak Regency, Papua.

According to him, these two events were the reason why TPNPB shot three civilians.

“We have agreed not to fight with the Indonesia’s army in Ilaga [but in Nduga and Timika]. But we saw that the Indonesia’s army did not chase us, but they shot dead indigenous people who had nothing to do with us. So we also shot the three civilians,” he explained.

It was said, because the army shot dead indigenous people and injured several indigenous people, then, he admitted, that TPNPB did not remain silent. TPNPB shot against civilians as well.

“If you want to chase us [TPNPB] you should chase us. Not shooting innocent indigenous people. We shot because the [TNI and Polri] started to shoot our Papuan civilians, “he explained.

For this reason, Uwamang said, the cause was clear. Where the first and second shootings carried out by [TNI and Polri] has sacrificed civil society.

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He admitted, his party did not accept the shooting at the expense of civilians. Because, TPNPB has stated firmly that the area of war between TPNPB and the TNI/Polri was not in Ilaga but the army carried out the shooting of indigenous people.

“The army has never pursued us directly. But sacrifice our indigenous people. So I stated that the shooting in Ilaga was done by us [TPNPB]. We are ready to take responsibility, “he said.

Quoted from, on Thursday (9/26/2019) around 12.53 Eastern Indonesia Time, Ilaga Police Station received a report from resident that there had been shootings of two motorcycle-taxi drivers in front of the Bridge in Amugi village, Northern Ilaga District, Regency of puncak.

“The identity of the perpetrators is the violence armed group (KKB ) of the local area with two residents who are witnesses,” said Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Kombes Pol, Ahmad Kamal.

The two motorcycle-taxi drivers who were shot were the late. Sattiar B alias Midun and late. Laode Alwi.

The two victims who were shot by TPNPB had been flown to Timika to be sent to their respective hometowns while waiting for the victim’s family.

On Saturday (9/28/2019) TPNPB again shot dead a civilian who was selling everyday near Ilaga airport, Puncak, Papua. The Regent of puncak, Willem Wandik, when confirmed by Antara from Jayapura confirmed the incident.

“It is true that there was an incident of civilians being shot again in Ilaga which occurred around 12:30 eastern Indonesia time,” he said when contacted by cell phone.

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Quoted from, Caharuddin’s body (25), a resident who was shot dead by TPNPB near Aminggaru Airport, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Papua, was brought to Timika on Sunday (9/29/2019) morning.

Caharuddin’s body was flown from Ilaga to Timika using an airplane belong to Dimonim air company. Then, the body was brought to Mimika public hospital then to Agus Babussalam Mosque at KH. Dewantara street, Timika city.

After that, the body was then brought to Moses Kilangin airport Timika to be flown to Makasar, South Sulawesi to be burried in his homevillage of Walenreng, district of Cina, Bone Regency.

The head of public relations of Papua regional police kombes police Ahmad Musthofa Kamal said, from the explanation from the resident, mentioned that the resident saw two people wearing short pants came to the small shop. Both wearing black headcover. One of them wear shoes covered with mud. The perpetrators  then took out pistol and shot the victim in the head.

“They take out pistol and pointing to the head of victim, and then take a shoot which hit the head of victim and died,” said kombes kamal when confirmed by, saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Noris Waker, a young man in Ilaga when contacted by on sunday (29/9/2019) confirmed on the information of shooting of two motorcycle-taxi drivers and one shop keeper in around the airport.

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In addition, he also said, on Sunday in Ilaga, residents were in fear and stayed inside their respective homes in the city of Ilaga. Further, he said, non-Papuans in Ilaga had all sought refuge in the police station and military headquarter.

Wakerkwa claimed to hear gunfire on Saturday. To this day (Sunday) morning, he claimed to still hear gunfire.

“At night they (TPNPB) burn the shop. The sound of gunfire now also exists. Residents are panicked and afraid, they just stay quiet at home,” he said.

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