10 Months Refuge, 189 Refugees of Nduga Died


JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com — Until early August 2019, 182 Nduga people who had fled from Nduga were reported to have died. And until September, it was reported that 7 refugees had died again.

Wene Tabuni, Nduga Refugee Volunteer in Wamena to suarapapua.com reported that until September 2019 the number of refugees who had died had increased to 189.

“So the data for August were 182 people who died. Now 7 people died again. So, all were189 people died. I will detail the identities of those 7 people,” he said to suarapapua.com from Wamena, on Saturday (5/10/2019).

The cause of the death, he explained, was due to illness and hunger. He also said the health access for refugees in Nduga was difficult, including the future of refugee children.

“There is no good medical service. Previously there was a health team from the Port Numbay GKI Diocese. When they were here it was good, because sick people can be helped. But now there is no health service. Secondly, because there is a lack of food for refugees, “he said.

Wene said that, up to October, it is already 10 months the Nduga people had been displaced since the armed conflict happened last December 2018.

Quoted from Jubi.co.id, At the beginning of the month of the proclamation of the Indonesian, the Solidarity Team for Nduga re-released 182 refugees who died. The details are 21 adult women, 69 adult men, 21 girls, 20 boys, 14 toddler girls, 12 toddler boys, 8 baby boys, and 17 baby girls.

All of these were confirmed to have died at the refugee camp. Some died in the wilderness (hiding place). Some died in residential areas (Jubi, 1 August 2019).

The data comes from previous data. He said, he only renewed the number of refugees who had just been reported dead. The previous number of victims was 139. While the number of new victims recorded was 43 people. (AB/DR)