Allegedly Shot By TNI Personnels, Five Bodies Found in Mbua


JAYAPURA, – A total of five bodies suspected of being victims of shootings by unscrupulous members of the TNI in Iniye village, Mbua District, Nduga Regency, Papua were found by residents and human rights activists from the Papua Central Mountains Human Rights Defender Network (JapHAM) on Thursday, October 10, 2019.

The five bodies were 3 women and 2 young men. They were found in a hole covered with leaves before being buried in the ground. They were Mrs. Yuliana Dronggi (35), Ms. Jelince Bugi (25), Ms. Macen Kusumbrue (26), Tolop Bugi (male 13 years) and Hardius Bugi (male 15 years).

Samuel Tabuni, one of the Nduga youth leaders who is the victim’s family explained, on September 20, 2019 the victim brought food from Wamena using a Strada type of car to Nduga via the Papua Trans road.

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At that time, said Semuel, the victims were included with a number of other Nduga youths. When in Iniye village, other young men went separate way to bring food to their respective villages.

While the victims and a number of people left over from the trip stored food in the stone cave of Mount Kambobo, because the location they had to travel was still far away.

“On September 21, five people came to the cave to take the food they had stored, while a number of others followed into the cave. When other groups followed to the cave, gun shots were heard, finally they could not continue their journey to the cave, they returned to Iniye village and called me, “Samuel said in Jayapura, Thursday (10/10/2019).

“I got a call from my family while crying, but to ensure that I asked the TNI officers on duty in Wamena to check the truth. I also ask the family to check carefully, “explained Samuel.

“This is my brother who is a victim, so I continue to find out the truth. After more than 20 days, finally it was also revealed that all five were true victims of the shooting allegedly carried out by unscrupulous members of the TNI, “Samuel said.

He said residents who contacted him said they saw members of the TNI around the Stone Cave.

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Semuel also expressed his gratitude to JapHAM activists who came to the location together. He asked the state to immediately withdraw the military apparatus from Nduga and the land of Papua.

Theo Hesegem, Director of the Papua Justice and Human Integrity Foundation, said that he and the victim’s family had checked the location, but it would be more clear to be informed in written form officially.

“On this day we have immediately checked into the scene of the five people who were killed. But further information will be conveyed officially. Now we focus on releasing it properly and correctly,” Hesegem said via SMS to, Thursday (10/10/2019).

Meanwhile, as confirmed by the Jubi, the Reional Militay Comando XVII/Cenderawasih said that they had not yet received information on the shooting incident in Iniye Village.

“We have not yet received an official report from the local unit,” answered Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih, Colonel Cpl Eko Daryanto to Jubi via WhatsApp conversation.

Reporter: Ardi Bayage

Editor: Elisa Sekenyap