Nduga’s Internal Displaced Person

Remarks the one year of Nduga's Internal Displaced Person (IDP), we bring you the details of the latest situation from the ground.

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Everything about what happened in Nduga is still a blur and close off. It remains an elephant in the room, just like another mass killing case in West Papua during 70s. There has been no case brought to justice. The killing is still happening until today.

Happy New year to our readers!

We are back with a special edition on Ndugas Internally Displaced Person.

What is Nduga? It’s the name of a regency in the highland of Papua Province. What happened there? Let us explain by showing you a map of where Nduga is located. Here we go (map is attached below).

Since December 2018, Nduga has made headlines in national media after the military attempted to root out Papuan independence fighters who attacked workers of the Trans Papua road construction project (killing at least 17 people). Indonesian military bombed the villages and forced 45.000 Ndugas to flee to the jungle and nearby regencies for safety reasons. Many of them are women and children.

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