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Body of TPNPB Member Shot in Paniai Has Been Handed Over to Family

PANIAI, SUARAPAPUA.com — The body of a member of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) who was found dead after a shooting contact between TPNPB and TNI-Polri troops in Madi, Paniai Regency, Central Papua Province on Wednesday (22/5/2024) night has been handed over to the family in Bibida district, Paniai on Thursday (23/5/2024).

Initially, the handover of the body was carried out at Madi Paniai Hospital, from the Paniai police to Paniai religious leaders (FKUB) and the government represented by the head of East Paniai district accompanied by 17 heads of East Paniai village.

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Head of Paniai Police Operations, AKP Hendry Joedo Manurung in the procession of handing over the body to religious leaders requested that the body must be received by the family.

“Immediately deliver it to the victim’s family once you receive it, then you must return home safely. We will guard at the intersection entrance of Bibida. We will remain calm and alert during the handover of the body to the family. But if otherwise, then we will not hesitate to enter,” he said.

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After that the body was put into the ambulance and prayed together. Then the body was taken to the Bibida Paniai district.

TPNPB-OPM Kodap VIII Intan Jaya when delivering a statement after receiving the body of Major Detius Kogoya. (Doc. TPNPB)

Arriving in Bibida, the body was welcomed by the family and leaders of TPNPB Kodap VIII Intan and their members militarily.

After that, a joint prayer was held and then the religious leaders handed over the body to the family and Undinus Kogoya as the leader.

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Undius Kogoya, Commander of TPNPB Kodap VIII Intan Jaya on the occasion expressed his gratitude to religious leaders and district governments as well as village heads who had delivered the bodies of their members well.

“I have received. Thank you very much!” said Undinus.


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