EnglishThese, are Three Recommendations of PAHAM Papua Related to the Sentani Persecution...

These, are Three Recommendations of PAHAM Papua Related to the Sentani Persecution Case

JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com— The Papuan Association of Human Rights Lawyers (PAHAM) stated that security forces against civilians in Papua have again occurred, to be precise at the Soloit Sentani Dormitory complex, Jayapura Regency, Papua, Thursday (4/11/2020).

Gustaf Kawer, Director of PAHAM Papua said that the incident originated from the traffic accident due to negligence between an individual TNI member wearing thugs and two civilians namely, Meky Suhuniap and Olun Yoal near the STIKES Sentani Jayapura campus on November 4, 2020 at 21.00 WIT.

Where the officers hit two civilians who were riding motorbikes on the Yomake road from the back of the Pasar Lama towards the BTN Ceria compound, causing a fight, and beatings of the officers and their motorbikes were secured.

In response to this action, the unscrupulous members contacted fellow corps members at Yonif 751 Sentani at 23.00 WIT, where about 50 members dressed as thugs and on duty came to the Soloitari hostel in Sentani carrying sangkur knife, Samurai swords and carried out violence against civilians there.

“Residents were beaten, doors were damaged and motorbikes were transported. One resident, Demision Kobak (18), who was sick and lying down, was kicked by officers on the left side of his body, even though he said he did not know the source of the commotion. Finally, he was taken to Yowari Sentani hospital to be treated, but on November 5, 2020 at 04.00 his life was not saved and he died, “said Kawer through a press release received by suarapapua.com, Friday (6/11/2020).

“With this situation, it should be reported to the competent institution in order to deal with this incident of traffic and persecution, instead of taking action like that,” said Kawer.

In addition, the security forces committed violence against six (5) civilians at the Soloitha dormitory, who came from Yahukimo, Papua. The six residents were taken to Infantry Battalion 751 to be interrogated while being kicked and beaten on the body and face. Beaten with “gun muzzle” on the head until it bled.

Then, the six residents were transferred to the Jayapura Police Headquarters in Doyo, Sentani, and on November 5, 2020, at around 02.00 WIT, the residents were sent home by the Jayapura Police.

A total of 5 people who experienced persecution:

  1. Edi Kobak (adult male).
  2. Nation Suhuniap (adult male).
  3. Nus Suhuniap (adult male).
  4. Samson Suhuniap (adult male).
  5. Yotam Kobak (male).

Other civilians who were taken by the authorities:

  1. Mince Kobak (adult female).
  2. Laura Yoal (adult woman).
  3. Pinet Pahabol (adult male).
  4. Demisian Kobak (adult female).

With this action, he said, the actions of TNI officers from Infantry Battalion 751 Sentani could be categorized as unprofessional, violating the law of military discipline as stipulated in Article 8 huruh a and b Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 25 of 2014 and violating the applicable Law, namely make arrests outside of legal procedures, carry out ill-treatment and torture and carry out killings outside of legal procedures.

This is as regulated in Article 38 of the TNI Law Number 34 of 2004 Jo. Article 351 Paragraph (1), (2), and 3 KUHP Jo. Article 170 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 190 Paragraph (1), (2), and (4) of Law Number 31 Year 1997 concerning Military Courts.

Yohanes Mambrasar, PAHAM Papua’s Non-Litigation Coordinator, said that the situation of security forces against civilians in Papua has now become a routine habit without legal process and firm action from the relevant institutions to create a deterrent effect. Especially the cases of repeated shootings in Nduga, Timika, Intan Jaya which ended without legal process.

Mambrasar said, even the impression from the state, law enforcement officers, and TNI institutions are still protecting the perpetrators who are officers who come from their own institutions.

“We can see events that have just happened recently, the shooting of two Nduga residents, father and son on behalf of Elias Karunggu and Seru Karunggu, the shooting of 3 Timika residents, Melki Marck Mnisini, Armando Bebari, and Ronny Wandik, the shooting in Intan Jaya. against Pdt. Yeremia Sanambani, Catechists of the Catholic Church, Agustinus Duwitau and Rufinus Tigau, who until now are still breathing free air and have not been touched by the law, “he said.

  1. Pangdam XVII Cenderawasih to prosecute members of the TNI who were involved in the arrest, torture, and extrajudicial killings of civilians at the Soloitari hostel in Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua;
  2. Members of TNI Infantry Battalion 751 who are involved in acts of arrest, torture, and extrajudicial killings should be given strict sanctions in the form of a verdict in accordance with their actions and disrespectful dismissal from their institution;
  3. The Pangdam XVII Cenderawasih needs to evaluate the military approach in Papua so that it is more humane and provides guidance for all TNI members in their respective task forces so that they act more professionally and no longer commit violence against civilians in Papua, as has happened consecutively. in Nduga, Timika, Intan Jaya, and Jayapura.


Repoter: Elisa Sekenyap

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