EnglishTwo Catechists Shot, Kadepa: Bishops in Papua Do Not be Silent!

Two Catechists Shot, Kadepa: Bishops in Papua Do Not be Silent!

ENAGOTADI, SUARAPAPUA.com – The leadership of the Catholic Church in Tanah Papua should not ignore the shooting case of two catechists from Bilogai Parish, Dekenat Moni-Puncak, Timika Diocese.

“I ask the Timika Diocese to convey its attitude. The shooting case of the two catechists must be raised by all bishops in the Land of Papua, and at the same time serve as a serious spotlight from the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference (KWI), “said Laurenzus Kadepa, Member of Commission 1 DPR Papua, Wednesday (4/11/2020).

The two Catholic catechists or preachers are Rufinus Tigau and Agustinus Duwitau.

Rufinus Tigau, a catechist at the Stasi Jalae Catholic Church, Bilogai Parish, was killed by a bullet belonging to the Indonesian security forces, last Monday (26/10/2020).

Previously, Agustinus Duwitau, a catechist at Stasi Emondi Catholic Church, Bilogai Parish, was shot when he returned home after attending a meeting of the Catechists at the Parish Church of St. Michael Bilogai.

The catechist Agustinus Duwitau who was appointed after Rufinus Tigau’s inauguration at Jalae Station was shot by security forces on October 7, 2020. On his way to Emondi village, he was hit by gunfire and is still undergoing medical treatment.

Kadepa is even worried that if this is allowed, a similar case could happen in the future.

“I am very worried about the new targets for God’s servants and medics in Tanah Papua. The Roman Catholic Church needs to look at the problems of God’s people in Papua. For this reason, it is time for bishops in Papua to speak out at the KWI level, if necessary it is up to the Pope. ”

The leadership of the Papuan Catholic Church is necessary, said Kadepa, because this concerns the safety of the lives of God’s people, especially the shooting victims of church officials.

“In Intan Jaya, two reporters were shot, this is humanity, justice and peace must be voiced and there must be an attitude,” said Kadepa.

He said that Catholic catechists or preachers are people who always fall up and down with the issue of the faith of the people, especially in Papua, their role is very large.

“When the Pastor was not there, the catechists were still carrying out their ministry duties among God’s people. Their work is truly extraordinary. They are the backbone of maintaining the Church with the people in joy and sorrow, ”he said.

When the catechist was shot to death, the Pastor and the diocesan leadership in Tanah Papua were advised to speak for the humanity of God’s people.

“Don’t be silent in a thousand languages. Pastors do not be silent about this. Catechists, preachers, church staff who are also partners in building the Kingdom of God as Pastors usually convey in the celebration of mass and sermons every Sunday at church, “he said.

Kadepa also hopes that national and international humanitarian agencies should continue to monitor the situation and urge the government to stop the security approach in Papua Land.

“For the sake of humanity, it is time for the militaristic approach to the end.”

Pastor Marthen Ekowaibi Kuayo, Pr, Diocesan Administrator for Timika Diocese, confirmed that there are a number of field data based on the testimony of several witnesses regarding the shooting of catechists Rufinus Tigau.

With the testimony of the residents of Jalae, the Diocese of Timika has compiled a report and a chronology of the shooting incident that killed one of its flagship catechists.

Apart from the two Catholic Church preachers, previously Pastor Yeremia Zanambani was shot dead by security forces. On September 19, 2020, Pastor Zanambani was found dying in his pigpen. Pastor Zanambani is a translator of the Bible into the Moni language. He is also the head of the Hitadipa Indonesian Bible Tent Church (GKII), Intan Jaya.


Reporter: Markus You

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