Five Papuan Political Prisoners in Jakarta Will Be Free Today!


JAYAPURA, — Five of the six Political Prisoners [Tapol] Papua including Surya Anta, Ambrosius Mulai, Dano Anes Tabuni, Ariana Lokbere and Charles Kossay will be released  on Tuesday,  May 12th, 2020 which is today.

The five political prisoners are sentenced to nine months in prison. Meanwhile, Isay Wenda, who was sentenced to eight months in prison, was released shortly after the verdict was read out by a judge at the Central Jakarta District Court on April 24th, 2020.

Michael Himan, a Papuan Advocate and members of the Papuan Advocate Team who are lawyers for six Papuan political prisoners in Jakarta revealed to on Monday night (05/11/2020) that the five political prisoners will be released today.

Himan explained, Surya Anta and other prisoners will be free today because they have fulfilled the conditions stipulated in parole as stipulated in a Ministerial Decree related to the release of prisoners with certain requirements to anticipate the transmission of Corona.

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It was explained that the Ministerial Decree was contained in Kepmen No. M.HH-19.PK.01.04.04 of 2020 concerning Expenditures and Release of Prisoners and Children through assimilation and integration in the framework of preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19.


“The political prisoners in Jakarta did not submit legal remedies or appeals on the basis of Corona. So the focus was more on safety and health. And this decision was taken after in-depth discussion between Tapol, Family and legal advisors not to appeal the Central Jakarta District Court’s decision,” explained Himan.

Himan revealed, although Surya Anta and others prisoners have been sentenced to prison and free, but the political prisoners are committed to continue voicing the injustices that occur and are experienced by the people of Papua in the Land of Papua.

“This is the price that must be redeemed by political prisoners for the pride of the people of Papua and for the realization of justice for the people of Papua,” said Himan.

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Again he explains that after release from prison, Papuan political prisoners in Jakarta would provide support for other political prisoners who were still in prison and asked the Indonesian government to free all Papuan political prisoners without any conditions, because people’s safety was the highest law.

Papuan political prisoners also, said Himan, called on the Indonesian government to stop all forms of criminalization against pro-democracy activists who voice their opinions on injustice, stop racial repressive and discriminatory attitudes towards students and the Papuan community who want to express their opinions in public.

Himan continued, because the 1945 Constitution article 28 E verse 3 reads “Everyone has the right to freedom of association, to gather and issue opinions and Law No. 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights which guarantees the right of everyone to be able to issue and disseminate opinions according to conscience, both verbally and or in writing.

 “The imprisonment of Papuan activists and pro-democracy activists who express their opinions in advance peacefully, should be invited to dialogue and approaches taken by the government in strengthening love and peace, the restorative justice approach must be put forward in viewing Papua, not repressive and law enforcement with treason article,” he stressed.

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Himan continue said that the Papuan political prisoners would like to thank all parties and the Lawyers Team for providing moral, energy and material support. “The support that Papuan political prisoners receive from all parties is a new energy for Papuan political prisoners in continuing our struggle for justice and prosperity for all the people of Indonesia, especially for the people of Papua,” concluded Himan.

Reporter: Arnold Belau

Translator: Imelda Kopeuw

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