KNPB Mnukwar: Racism against Papuans will not disappear!


MANOKWARI, — West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Mnukwar as long as Papuans are still in the Indonesian state, racist actions and behavior towards Papuans will not disappear.

This was confirmed by Alexander Nekenem, Chairman of the KNPB Mnukwar region. He explained, action against racism towards Papuans carried out in Papua, Indonesia and the world was purely a spontaneous act against racism towards Papuans. However, the Indonesian state misinterpreted and then arrested Papuans and thrown into the prison.

“This is clear evidence that Indonesia does not want to join the people of Papua to fight and eliminate racial acts against Papuans who are rooted in the Indonesian character. Because Papuans are victims of racist acts but later arrested and prosecuted. This is is a strong evidence about Indonesia’s attitude towards racism” he explained to on Thursday last week.

According to him, the worse is that the state accused and prosecuted Papuan opponents of racism with the treason article.

“Other evidence which must be known is that the accusations and demands of racism were not proven in the trial of racist fighters in Indonesian courts. That means this country is using treason to frighten Papuans,” he said.


Nekenem said the legal process against the Aliknoe brothers and Pende Mirin and friends was an unfair legal process. Because the state has distorted the facts against racists who were only sentenced to six months in prison.

“Papuans have become victims of persecution and racism, then during protests and racism opponents, Papuans have become victims again. Arrested and legally processed. Although the state uses various methods to silence Papuans, the truth is on the side of Papuans. So the verdict we have seen together with the fighters of racism. Both in Papua and outside Papua, “he said.

Meanwhile, Septi Meidodga, a former political prisoner charged with treason in the case of opponents of racism in 2019, said that the apparatus must be sad to see the problems that occur in Papua.

“An important note for the Indonesian Police in the case of racist incidents must be learning, everything cannot be brought to the realm of treason. That is spontaneous action without any consolidation settings from any party. It is proven that it is very inhumane for Papuans to be said to be monkeys,” he stressed.

Septi continued, in the legal process against racist fighters in the Land of Papua and Indonesia, the state used treason and destruction articles. The state should use the articles contained in the Law on the Elimination of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination as regulated in Law No. 40 of 2008.

“Because last year’s action was related to racism, the legal reference is to Law 40 of 2008. But this is not instead Indonesia uses an article that has absolutely nothing to do,” explained Septi.

Also, Pende Mirin, a former convict of racism in 2019, hopes that all anti-racist prisoners in Papua must be released without conditions.

Reporter: Charles Maniani

Editor: Arnold Belau

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