About Special Autonomy, Activists: Ask Papuan people; what do they want?


JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com — Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua is a special authority that is recognized and given to the Province of Papua to regulate and manage the interests of the local community according to their initiatives based on the aspirations and basic rights of the people of Papua.

The granting of such authority is conducted for the administration and implementation of development in Papua Province can fulfill a sense of justice, accelerate the achievement of people’s welfare, support the realization of law enforcement, and show respect for human rights (HAM) in the Papua Province, particularly the Indigenous Papuans.

Iche Morip, a Papuan Female Activist said that Special Autonomy is a Win-Win Solution for the West Papuan Nation when Papuans have a strong desire to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia. The inception of the Special Autonomy Law of 2001 for the Papua Province gave as wide as possible authority to regulate and administer that area.

“All of the authorities were not implemented properly, there were interventions from the Central Government, clearly Otsus was born through a long process of struggle, there was suffering from the bloodshed sacrifice that could not be counted thousands of lives had been killed by the Indonesian authorities. So that if Otsus ended, it would be returned to the people of Papua, what do the people of Papua want? “she said.

Indonesia is a rule of the law state that adheres to a democratic system hence the form of respect for the state should be that the government gives the widest possible democratic space without the pressure from the Indonesia military on the land of Papua.


If the central government and the Papuan political elite continue to push and decide to continue Otsus, it means that the central government does not seriously give authority to the provincial government of Papua. The fact, the essence of Special Autonomy is not guarded and implemented properly and honestly so that there is a crisis of confidence in the central government.

“I think all Papuans and Papuan officials know that the central government knows where it is wrong because Papuans in the bureaucracy and at the grassroots have lost confidence in the central government. The Central Government should listen to what Papuans want at this time not the central government to force their desire to continue Otsus, “said Iche.

She continued, if you want to continue Otsus, what do you want to fix? Otsus is already flawed and useless because the people of Papua are still fighting for an independent for Papua. Otsus have existed but the Papuans shouted for referendums everywhere and logically how Otsus wants to be extended by Jakarta.

He said if you want to continue the Otsus that will be fixed? Otsus is already defective and is not beneficial because the evidence of Papuans is still struggling for free Papua. Otsus existed but the cries of Papuans for Referendum still shouted everywhere then logically how Otsus would be extended by Jakarta.

“Papuans have stated that Otsus does not provide benefits for Papuans. We ask for Otsus to be returned and then freedom for Papua. Because Indonesia and Papuans know that Special Autonomy does not solve the problem quite the opposite. Then give the widest possible space so that the people of Papua determine their destiny through a referendum, “she said.

If the Central Government and the Papuan elite continue to insist on continuing Otsus plus in Papua without involving Papuans, it means that the central government is selfish, the government must listen to what Papuans want. Otsus is in the land of Papua, Papua is not an empty island. There is a host, which means that the Land of Papua belongs to the Papuan people when the guest wants his will to the Papuan people, it is enough for Indonesia to destroy and trample the dignity and our dignity of the Papuan people.

Representing Papuan women in Papua clearly stated that Otsus had been flawed and failed. Otsus does not guarantee the safety of Papuans. We are still fighting against injustice in the Land of Papua, our struggle is a peaceful struggle to determine our destiny through the referendum mechanism.

“Our struggle for the Papuan people through ULMWP which has been endorsed by the State of Vanuatu also has the support of MSG 4 Countries and 2 Non-Governments, 18 State PIFs and 79 State ACPs, so that any ULMWP decision is a Papuan political decision,” he said.

There is a process in the struggle for the Papuan female activists Papua to end Otsus, but the cry of Free Papua will not end.

A great nation is a nation that respects its history. Therefore, the millennial generation in this millennial era utilizes the intelligence you have to fight for your homeland, West Papua, so that your dignity and pride are not trampled upon by this demonic Indonesian nation.

Previously, Home Minister Tito Karnavian asked Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives to prioritize discussions on the Draft Law on Special Autonomy for Papua. Because, the bill is only valid for 20 years, so it will end in 2021. “Well this (the Draft Law on Papua’s Special Autonomy) is urgent because it needs to be completed this year because the next year 2021 this Law is over,” Tito said in a working meeting with Commission II Parliament at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/22/2020).

Tito said there were two alternatives in discussing the Special Autonomy Bill (Otsus). First, the continuation of a special autonomy fund of two percent from the general allocation fund. Second, continue the results of the discussion of the bill in 2014 that the special autonomy fund continues to accelerate development in Papua.

“In short, the funds continued, the Special Autonomy continued. Slightly enhanced including the aspirations of Papua,” said Tito Karnavian.

“In principle, we want to accelerate development in Papua, affirmative action. So that issues and problems of discrimination or other things that can damage the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia can be maintained,” he continued.

Tito Karnavian’s request was later answered by Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission II Saan Mustopa. The Democratic National Party politician said the Bill on Amendments to Law Number 21 of 2002 concerning Papua’s Special Autonomy had been included in the priority National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) in 2020. The bill would also be passed in a plenary meeting.

“The Papua Special Autonomy draft bill has been included in the priority Prolegnas for 2020,” said Saan.

Reporter: Agus Pabika

Editor: Arnold Belau

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