Jokowi Must Stop The Military Operations in Nduga: A Warning from Nduga Community


JAYAPURA, — A total of two hundred and fifty-seven (257) Nduga civilians have died from post-military operations since December, 2nd 2018 to July 18th 2020. This is happened due to armed conflict between the Indonesian Military (TNI/Polri) and the National Liberation Army of West Papua (TPNPB), a Free Papua Organization (OPM).

It was revealed in the statement of the attitude of the Nduga community while in protest against the Nduga Government. This protest held in Keneyam on Monday (7/27/2020).
They brought a coffin as symbolize the shooting victims, Elias Karunggu and Sepi Karunggu on July 18th 2020 They both are civilians.

In addition to the shooting after the military operation in Nduga, there was also rape. A large numbers of civilians fleeing to the forest leaving their homes and hometowns for 1 year and 7 months (2 December 2018 – 18 July 2020).

For this reason, on behalf of representatives and solidarity of all components of the Nduga community, 6 agreements were given to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Haji Joko Widodo. Include:

  1. The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is responsible for the shooting victims, Elisa Karunggu, Sepi Karunggu and Hendrik Lokbere in Keneyam Nduga Regency
  2. We, all elements of the Nduga tribe, expressly reject the Special Autonomy Bill II
  3. We ask the President of the Republic of Indonesia to immediately stop the Military Operations in the Nigga Region, Papua
  4. Condemning the confirmation of citizens in Nduga, in this case the security authority of the 330th Infantry Task Force to take responsibility immediately
  5. We request and seek approval from the UN Human Rights Council, the World Human Rights Council, World Human Rights Institutions and international NGOs.
  6. There must be an investigation team for the crime scene (TKP), in this case the local government, security authorities, Komnas HAM, NGOs and other independent institutions. (*)


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