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BPS: The 2020 Population Census Is Not a Counter Petition to Reject 2nd Volume of Special Autonomy

WAMENA,— Head of the Jayawijaya Regency Statistics Agency (BPS), Jianto, said the 2020 Population Census was an agenda every 10 years held in every country, not only in Indonesia. Because the population census is on the agenda of the United Nations to see the number of population in parts of the world, including Indonesia.

“So this census activity is carried out simultaneously in all regions of Indonesia, as well as residents abroad, and census activities have nothing to do with politics,” said Jianto, Head of BPS Jayawijaya, who handles Yalimo, Lanny Jaya, Mamberamo Tengah, and Nduga regencies to when met in his office in Wamena, Thursday (17/9/2020).

The population census is a UN recommendation, so the President of the Republic of Indonesia ordered data collection to be carried out immediately, so that it was carried out from September 1 – 30, 2020.

“Our activity is purely population data collection and has nothing to do with any kind of interest. As said, the census is a petition against the rejection of Otsus volume II. So, he hopes that the public will not be provoked by incorrect information circulating on social media. ”

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“We are the BPS who were given task as situation photographs in the field to see the real condition of the community, how their lives are going. So we work for the benefit of the community, not others. For that, we hope and invite each other to help us in terms of recording the correct information. So that whatever the future government policy is in accordance with data in the field, “he said.

He admitted that his party had a shortage of manpower to collect data in urban areas and in rural areas so that his party recruited BPS partners from the Jayawijaya Regency from village officials from 40 villages in the Jayawijaya Regency. Likewise in Nduga District, a partner was recruited.

Regarding the confiscation of documents from the population census officer in Nduga, he said, he was still looking for the truth of the confiscation information. However, according to the report that was submitted to BPS, officers in Nduga were visited by activists or the local community at night.

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Hetman bilong Statistik Ajensi (BPS) Jayawijaya regency, Jianto. (Onoy Lokobal – SP)

“Meanwhile, I told him to submit the report to the Secretary of the Nduga, because the regent was not there yet. I don’t know about confiscation or other information, because I haven’t received an official report in written form, ”he explained.

He added, the previous stage in carrying out this population data collection, his party conducted an online population census starting from February to May 2020. The second stage was a manual population census that was sent directly to the community which was originally planned for July 2020, but because Covid-19 was postponed until This September 2020.

Previously, on September 15, 2020, a number of citizens in Keneyam Nduga confiscated documents from the 2020 Population Census officers on the grounds that the central government had not paid attention to the victims of the Nduga conflict from December 2018 to 2020.

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“We Nduga people reject Otsus at the 27 July 2020 action in Keneyam. This is because there were gunshot victims on behalf of Elias Karunggu and Selu Karunggu by the TNI / Polri apparatus, including the military operations during this time in Nduga, only now suddenly came for the Population Census. The central and regional governments have never heard the voice of the people, so now they come to want a census, so we confiscate and reject it, ”said a resident who did not want to mention his name to from Keneyam, Nduga, Tuesday (9/15/2020).

Similar was conveyed by Renes, a citizen of Nduga in Keneyam. He said that Nduga was an area of conflict and an area of military operations. However, the central government never respected the human rights of the Nduga people, never withdrew military troops, but sent officers to retrieve population data.


Pewarta: Onoy Lokobal

Editor: Elisa Sekenyap


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