FPK-TP: Free Victor Yeimo Unconditionally


JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com — The West Papuan Christian Youth Forum (FPK-TP) urges the state to immediately release Victor Yeimo, the International Spokesperson for the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) from the Mako Brimob Prison of the Papua Police. He was arrested on May 9, 2021.

In response to this situation, the Secretary of the FPK-TP, Edison Sekenyap, emphasized that Victor Yeimo should be released without conditions because Victor is not a racist actor or perpetrator. Victor is a victim of racism who has been criminalized by the state.

“We hope that the legal process is transparent because Victor is not the perpetrator. He is a victim of racism. The legal process against Victor must be carried out properly. In this case, he is the victim. Victor must be released without conditions,” said Sekenyap, Friday (20/8/). 2021) in Jayapura City, Papua.

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Meanwhile, Alfona J. Wayap, Chairperson of the Papuan Catholic Youth requested that the results of Victor’s health examination be shared openly and transparently to the public.

“We need openness about the results of Victor’s medical examination. The public will ask questions if it is not shared with the public. If his health condition worsens and something happens to Victor, this will be because of the state’s negligence in dealing with Victor and racism in Papua. In my opinion, it must be transparent,” said Wayap.


The unethical blocking of Rev. Benny

Rev. Yadinus Mabel, The Chairman of  the Youth Department of the GIDI Church denomination, who is also the Chairman of FPK-TP, admitted that he is disappointed and that he regretted the police action against Rev. Dr. Benny Giay, Chair of the Synod of the Kingmi Church in Papua.

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“We the youth of the church  are very disappointed with the incident of blocking Rev. Benny Giyai. It is unethical. In the future, we must maintain ethics. If possible in the future, it must be allowed. Because The Papuan Peoples Representative Assembly (DPRP) is our home where we should be able to convey our aspirations. ” he insisted.

Rev. Edison Sekenyap added, Rev. Benny Giay is a church figure. it’s an unethical act. The DPRP is a forum for conveying aspirations. In the future, it should be a forum that can convey aspirations.

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“The actions of the authorities against Rev. Benny are unethical and disrespectful. We hope that in the future, their approach will change,” he added.

In addition, Alfonsa is of the view that the police action illustrates that democracy in Papua is being restrained by law enforcement officials themselves.

“We see that democratic spaces are being curtailed. The public has the right to express their opinion in public. The police are unethical because responses to letters are given on the street. The police do not know the rules and are unethical.”

“We hope it doesn’t happen like this again so the state shows that Papuans are Indonesians. Don’t limit all democratic spaces in Papua,” she concluded.

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