GKI Synod Holds Vaccination for Church Staff and Employees

GKI staff in Tanah Papua during vaccination. (Elisa Sekenyap - SP)

JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com—- The Twelve (XII) GKI Humanitarian Command Post Team [Diakonia] of The GKI Synod in Papua in collaboration with Unicef ​​and Jayapura City Police held vaccinations for leaders and staff of institutions and foundations within the GKI Synod in Tanah Papua in the Synod office yard, Argapura, Jayapura City, Papua, Friday (17/9/2021).

Rev. Dora Balubun, Team Leader of the twelve (XII) GKI Humanitarian Command Posts, said that vaccination is an international program that is injected to form each person’s antibody to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Therefore, continued Rev. Balubun, with the implementation of the vaccination program at the GKI Synod office in Papua, it is hoped that church ministers and church employees at the synod level, institutions and foundations under the GKI Synod will be open to receiving vaccines.

“Because the formation of antibody helps us to no longer be afraid of the Covid-19 virus. But we are ready to accept the post-Covid era, an era that will help us to stabilize our health at the synod office, institutions and foundations,” said Rev. Balubun, who is the Head of the GKI Synod’s JPIC Division in Papua, told suarapapua.com after the vaccination program.

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She also hopes that this on-going process can be continuous, so that the synod leadership’s hope to remain healthy and strong in carrying out services can be realized.


“With this policy reminding our fellow servants in the field that even the leaders have been vaccinated, then we also give ourselves to be vaccinated – for us and for the people we serve. Thank you to the team of XII deacons who have carried out the program. Including the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPA) program which was held today,” she said.

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Doctor Raymond Gbombo Bachongo, a health consultant for GKI in Tanah Papua who is also a member of Team XII, said he was happy with the vaccination implementation that was carried out with the cooperation of Team XII and also the Unicef ​​team.

“As a doctor, I am happy that the chairwoman of ‘Sara Fellowship’, has participated in the vaccination, because that will motivate the employees and other members of the congregation to participate in the vaccination. Besides that, I am also happy to see the synod staff who are motivated to participate in the vaccination program carried out by Team XII,” said dr. Raymond.

One of the staff of the GKI Synod Development Economics department in Papua when receiving the vaccine. (Elisa Sekenyap -SP)

Therefore, he appreciated the Synod GKI-TP Board which gave responsibility to team XII to implement vaccination activities.

Participants who took part in the vaccine on Friday (17/9/2021) were 58 people, of which 52 were participants in the first vaccine and 6 others were recipients of the second vaccine. The 58 participants came from the GKI Synod office, institutions and foundations, including the families of GKI employees.

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In addition to vaccination, on Friday (17/9/2021), a team of XII GKI humanitarian posts also carried out a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program through virtual meetings via zoom meetings.

The CPE program itself was carried out in two sessions, with 37 participants and the second session were 32 people.

Previously, on September 10, 2021, a team of XII GKI humanitarian posts in collaboration with Unicef ​​held a Covid-19 vaccination counselling and information about the spread of fake news related to vaccines in the hall of the GKI Synod office in Papua.


Reporter: Elisa Sekenyap

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