All Papuans Reject the Papua Special Autonomy Volume II


JAYAPURA, — The rejection of Papua’s Special Autonomy (Otsus) continues to flow from all communities in the land of Papua, starting from the Governors of Papua, The Papua and West Papua Assembly, ULMWP, FRI-WP, WPCC, Papuan Women’s Solidarity, Youth and Students and as well Otsus Rejection Action Committee in Jakarta.

Pastor Alberto John Bunay, Pr, Responsible 57 Papuan Indigenous Papuans from the Region of Papua from five dioceses in the Land of Papua revealed a number of objections to Otsus in a press conference in Abepura, Papua on 21 July 2020.

A number of forms and responses of the Papuan people recorded by the 57 Papuan Indigenous Pastors include:

Lukas Enembe Governor of Papua

Lukas Enembe criticized that he would return the Special Autonomy funds to the central government, because he felt like always under suspicion and felt intimidated by the state.


“Special Autonomy Fund is small, we better just return it. The Special Autonomy Fund cannot finance development in Papua. Just imagine that to build the construction of two bridges in the central mountain of Papua region needed 100 billion “said Lukas Enembe in the courtyard of the Papua Governor’s office on August 19, 2019.

According to Enembe revealed in his leadership 80% of special autonomy funds managed by the Regency and 20% managed by the province. With hopes that the lives of Papuans will change, but apparently not. In fact, a number of issues were deliberately exhaled to discredit officials in Papua.

Papua and West Papua People’s Assembly

The rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II also came from the Papua People’s Assembly (MRP) of Papua and West Papua MRP where the plenary results of the Papua and West Papua MRPs decided that:

Firstly, the Decree on the Fulfillment of the constitutional rights of Papuans in political recruitment related to the nomination of the Regent and Deputy Regent in Papua and West Papua.

Second, Protection of Law and Human Rights for Papuans.

Third, the protection of human rights to all students or students of Papua and West Papua who are conducting studies throughout the Republic of Indonesia.

Fourth, withdrawal of the Special Autonomy Governance Law Plan in the Land of Papua.
The Papua and West Papua MRPs have also produced a recommendation, namely to ask the Indonesian government to immediately discuss with the ULMWP for the Settlement of Human Rights Issues in a Peaceful and Dignified manner mediated by a third party.

ULMWP Executive Director

The rejection of special autonomy also came from ULMWP. ULMWP Executive Director Markus Haluk said ULMWP continues to be committed to continuing to fight for and realize the right of self-determination in accordance with the vision and mission by gaining the support of the people of West Papua and the Melanesian allied countries.

“Learning from the experience of the Papuan people now taking a firm stance stop deceiving us with the special Otsus confectionery of their colonial Indonesian state which has deceived the Papuan Community,” he said.

16 Movement Organizations in Papua

The rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II also came from 16 organizations. Responding to the discussion of the continuation of Special Autonomy Bill II, as many as 16 organizations expressed their attitude of rejecting Special Autonomy and launched a petition for the Papuan people to be mobilized throughout Papua.

“They ask all parties who discuss Otsus to return it to the Papuan people to decide.” Teleconferencing facilitated by Media Jubi through Senior Papuan journalist Viktor Mambor (, 5 July 2020, 1.24 Papua Time).

Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua

Furthermore, the Rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II came from the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua (FRI-WP) through its spokesperson, Paulus Surya Anta Ginting in Launching the Papuakatkat Raykat Petition to Reject Otsus.

“One of the FRI WP’s attitudes is calling on amber or non-Papuan people in Papua to unite with the People’s Movement in Papua to reject the extended Special Autonomy and give the Right to Self-Determination as a Democratic Solution for the Papuan People.”

Papuan Church Council

The rejection of Special Autonomy Volume II also came from the Papua Church Council (WPCC), because it was designed unilaterally.

In the Press Release, on July 5, 2020, Church Leaders who joined the Papuan Church Council issued an Annual Reflection entitled; “The God of Otsus and Indonesia’s Development in Papua is Dead.”

They saw promises from the Government of Indonesia towards God’s People in the Land of Papua for the welfare of the Papuan People, in fact turned into the Tragedy of Humanity and Disasters, Suffering, droplets of tears, prolonged bloodshed and scattered bones that were experienced by the people of Papua in their own land. We ask for justice from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to resolve the ongoing conflict in Papua.

Papuan Women’s Solidarity

The rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II also came from Papua Women’s Solidarity. The deputy chairman of Papua Women’s Solidarity, Naci Jacgueline Hamadi, said that Papuan women had never known about the Special Autonomy funds that were poured into their regions.

“That’s because the use of special autonomy funds for 21 years is very rarely involving women, so that the Special Autonomy of Papua returned to Jakarta and the central government poured funds with other provinces in Indonesia, “said Hamadi, (Thursday 7/9/2020. Jubi).

ULMWP Action Committee

Furthermore, the Rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II came from the Spokesperson of the ULMWP Action Committee, Ice Murib said, Papuan women rejected Special Autonomy, because most of Papua had stated that Otsus was failed and did not bring profit.
“The Papuan people have agreed to reject the enactment of Law number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy Bill II and ask the Government to immediately hold a Referendum for West Papua that is the solution.” (Jubi, Thursday 9/7/2020. Jubi).

Yahukimo Youth and Students

The rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II also came from the Youth and Students of Yahukimo District, the contents of their call they rejected the Special Autonomy and asked for a Referendum.

“We are the youth and students of Yahukimo district, firmly reject the Extension of Special Autonomy. Referendum Solution in West Papua “(from Social media, 7 July at 14.09).

Otsus Rejection Action Committee in Jakarta

The rejection of Special Autonomy Bill II also came from the Ostus Rejection Action Committee in Jakarta in front of the Indonesian Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

“The contents of his call reject of The Special Autonomy Bill II. Give the right to self-determination as a Democratic solution” read the letter on the big banner, Tuesday, July 14, 2020, (Sind 8 News Com. By Komaruddin Bagja Arjawinangun).

In conclusion for the Papuan Indigenous People The Special Autonomy is a ‘dish’ from 20 years ago and it has been stale for the people of Papua. So if it is continued and fed to the people, then it is become a poison. (*)


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