EnglishAgus Kossay: Today is Our Victory Day

Agus Kossay: Today is Our Victory Day

JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com — Facilitated by the Central KNPB, Papuan community held a thanksgiving ceremony at the Rusunawa complex, Perumnas III Waena, Jayapura City in purpose to welcome four former political prisoners who are victims of Papuan racism, Saturday (8/22/2020).

“Today we celebrate the victory of the Papuan people. Free from prison does not mean that this is the end of the struggle, but free from prison is a form of the colonial rule against us and also against the West Papuan people. So, the struggle will continue because racism is not just speech but it is proven to be in the legal process, “said Agus Kosay, the General Chair of the Central KNPB, one of the four political prisoners who were free and arrived in Jayapura on Saturday (22/8/2020).

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Agus continue to say that the racist treatment was carried over into the legal process, where the perpetrators of hate speech were subject to the IT Law, while the victim was subject to the treason article.

“I thought for many years Papuans had become part of Indonesia, but it feels like there is no hope for a bright future with Indonesia. So, this is the moment to unite and fight for our future,“ he said.

He then revealed that racism does not recognize Papuans whose NKRI is fixed and Free Papua is fixed but the racist hate speech was addressed to everyone, both Papuans in government and the Papuan people in general.

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“We must unite and fight because we are all monkeys. We have to leave this country and we have to live alone. If we are still with Indonesia, Papuans will not get legal justice, education, economy, and others. The viewpoint of this country (Indonesia) towards us is the same as the animals, so I think we should separate because we are all the same before the law” he asserted.

The Papuan female figure, Mama Yosepha Alomang, while attending that thanksgiving ceremony, she said that Papuan women were grateful that the lives of anti-racism political prisoners were returned to Papua.

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“On behalf of Papuan mothers and women, I would like to thank you all. Today we pray together with our children who are fighting to be free from Indonesia,” she said.

She regretted the leadership of the Indonesian state government, where the head of government was replaced every 5 years, but the Papua problem could not be resolved.

“The state must free us so that we live alone. Right now I ask us to unite” she asserted.


Reporter: Ardi Bayage

Editor: Elisa Sekenyap


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