TNI Suspected in the Deadly Shoot of Two Civilians in Nduga


JAYAPURA, — Two civilians were reported to have been shot dead in Keneyam, the capital of Ndugama district, Papua on Saturday 18 July 2020. The shooting was allegedly carried out by members of the Indonesian National Army (TNI).

In a written report from Egianus Kogeya, Commander of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) Regional Defence Command Sector III Ndugama received on Sunday (7/19/2020).

In a written statement received by this media, Egianus confirmed that two civilians from Kagayem district had been shot dead by members of the TNI.

He continued to explain that on Saturday 18 July 2020, as many as 58 displaced civilians from three districts including Kagayem, Paro and Yenggelo districts had fled to the forest due to armed conflict between the Indonesian military and TPNPB guerrillas for 1 year and 7 months into Keneyam.

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The arrival of 58 civilians from the three districts after a long forced fled and temporarily living in the middle of the forest due to hunger and illness. Hence, they were forced to head to the capital city of Ndugama district.


During the trip, when 58 civilians arrived in Masonggorak village, precisely at Keneyam River, they wanted to cross the river using 12 wooden boat.

Incidentally, next to the river there is an Indonesian military post. So that 58 people agreed to head towards the military post together.

After that, Egianus continued, 58 people were examined. And two civilians, a father and his son were shot dead.

Both victims were a father and his child. Those who were shot dead were Elias Karunggu (40) and Seru Karunggu (20), son of Elias Karunggu.

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After being shot dead, the bodies of the two victims were taken to the Keneyam Regional General Hospital, Capital District of Ndugama Regency.

Until the week of July 19, 2020, hundreds of people gathered in Keneyam and demanded that the two bodies of the victims be handed over to the families of the victims.

In his report, Egianus Kogeya stated that he and his members were following and already knew that the shooting of the two displaced civilians was carried out by the Indonesian military.

“We are upset toward the Indonesian government through its security force personel commited a crime by shoting dead two civilians,” Egianus wrote in his report.

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Until the release of this report, in connection with this information, the Papua Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Paulus Waterpauw, when confirmed by Suara Papua via WhatsApp, has read the message, however, has not been giving any formal response.

The Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Police Grand Commissioner Ahmad Kamal was not available for official response.

In addition, the Head of the Cenderawasih Kodam XVII Information Service (Kapendam), Lt. Col. Arm Reza Nur Patria when confirmed on Sunday night said he had just received the information.

“At the moment, we are checking the information related to the the news and further development will be released as soon as possible,” said Lt. Col. Arm Reza Nur Patria.

Reporter: Arnold Belau

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