Diakonia of the GKI Synod and Suara Papua Sign the STAYS Program Reporting Cooperation

Arnoldus Belau, Chief editor of Suara Papua and dr. Raymond from Diakonia Synod og GKI in Tanah Papua after signed the MoU, Wednesday, 18 2021). (Agus Pabika - SP)

JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA.com—The Diakonia Department of the GKI Synod in the Land of Papua and the Papua Voice Association [suarapapua.com] signed a news collaboration focusing on the Straight Talk Among Youths in School (STAYS) program at the GKI Synod Office in Tanah Papua, Argapura , Jayapura City, Papua, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

The STAYS program focuses on socializing health to school children, especially understanding related to HIV and AIDS, and the risks and impacts of promiscuity.

Rev. Esron Abisay, Secretary of the GKI Synod Diaconia Department in Tanah Papua, thanked Suara Papua for cooperating with the GKI Synod Diaconia Department regarding the STAYS program reporting.

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“Thank you to Suara Papua. This collaboration is important so that what Diakonia works and does through the STAYS program can be known by the congregation before the information submitted by the institution, “said Pdt. Esron.

He hopes that this collaboration will provide information on Diakonia’s services to members of the GKI congregation and the wider community.


Dr. Gbombo Bachongo Raymond, the person in charge of the STAYS program from the Diakonia Department of the GKI Synod in Papua, admitted that he would continue to carry out his service duties in the STAYS program.

“This collaboration is very good so that the information provided by STAYS can be known by the congregation. We will continue to do so,” said dr. Raymond.

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The signing of a letter of cooperation (MoU) by the Chairman of the Papua Voice Association, Arnoldus Belau, witnessed by Elisa Sekenyap and dr, Raymond. (Agus Pabika -SP)

Arnoldus Belau, Chair of the Papua Voice Association, appreciated the GKI in Tanah Papua for being willing to trust and cooperate with Suara Papua.

Arnoldus Belau is signing the MoU. (Agus Pabika – SP)

“Hopefully this collaboration will be a good start to continue working together in terms of reporting, especially in conveying information on the GKI Synod Diakonia department program through the publication of Suara Papua to members of the congregation in Papua,” said Belau.

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He hopes that in the future this cooperation will be maintained and improved.

The Diaconia Department of the GKI Synod in the Land of Papua is thanking Protestant Church In Nederlands (PKN) for supporting the ‘STAYS’ programme in combating and mitigating the HIV transmission with the focus on youths and school children. Diaconia Department also thanking United Evangelical Mission (UEM) by sending co-worker who are dedicated and committed to their work in helping GKI in its ministries.


Reporter: Elisa Sekenyap

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